• Crystal Sun


    Chairman of Board of Directors and 

    CEO of Suzhou Immunofoco Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    Crystal Sun

    Mrs. Sun has a solid foundation serving executive positions at multiple entrepreneurial biopharmaceutical companies. She has a reputation in drug registration, regulatory affairs and senior project management, and had been secretary general of Shanghai Medicine Quality Association Cell Therapy Committee. She has completed more than ten IND and NDA applications for bio/immunotherapy drugs. Mrs. Sun had served Fosun Kite biotechnology Co., Ltd and Henlius, and was in charge of the NDA approvals for the first CAR-T product FKC876’s in China, and the first biosimilar drug汉利康® (HLX-01, rituximab injection) in China. 


    Dr. Sun Minmin completed her Ph.D. at Fudan University and obtained her Master's degree from Tsinghua University, with a major in pharmacology and a research focus on tumor immunology.

  • Hong Liu

    Chief Scientific Consultant

    Hong Liu

    Dr. Liu followed biologist Mina Bissell, an Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award winner and member of National Academy of Sciences, and immunologist J Michael Bishop, winner of Nobel Prize in medicine and chancellor of UCSF in his Ph.D. and postdoc researches. Dr. Liu has a wide range of publications and patents, and has served as VP of research in pre-clinical areas of antibody discovery, molecular designing, immune oncology, protein biosciences, target identification, and in vivo efficacy validation. Under his leadership, a number of INDs had gained FDA’s approval, including the whole genome sequencing CD19, AFP/HLA-A2, GPC3. And the antibodies cloning for two targets (BCMA, GPRC5D) had been licensed to Juno Therapeutics/BMS. Dr. Liu is also experienced in post approval clinical studies, cell commercialization and process optimization; biomarker follow ups and data collection.


    Dr. Liu holds his Ph.D. in Cell Biology/Cancer Biology at UC Berkeley and was Postdoc at the Hooper Foundation at UCSF

  • Zhenggang Jiang

    VP of Strategy and Operations

    Zhenggang Jiang

    Dr. Jiang serves as VP of Strategy and Operations and is driving forward the company strategies, fund raising, and the business development. Dr. Jiang held a range of leadership roles in bio pharma for more than 10 years, his highest roles included the Deputy General Manager, and Vice-chairman of the board of directors. His areas include corporate operations, research management, external financing acquisition, business collaboration, intellectual property (IP) operations and implementation, investor relationship and business development.


    Dr. Jiang received his Doctor’s degree in Immunology from Fudan University School of Medicine, and Master of Business Administration from Fudan University.

  • Qingshan Shen

     Co-Founder of Immunofoco

    VP of Manufacturing

    Operations and Quality Control

    Qingshan Shen

    Mr. Shen has 30 years management experience in bio pharmaceuticals. He was a founding member at Fosun-Kite. His areas of specialties cover immune cell therapy, monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, peptide drugs and vaccines. He has led a broad spectrum of bio drug’s activities from the R&D, quality system building, manufacturing, tech transfer, clinical team building, trial applications, clinical samples manufacturing and quality approval, along with the design of the manufacturing plants, validation, drug application and registrations.

    Mr. Shen received his M.B.A. from Shanghai Jiaotong University, and his Bachelor's in Biological Science from Ocean University of China.

  • Suqiong Wang

    Co-Founder of Immunofoco

    VP of Medical Strategy & Clinical Operation Center

    Suqiong Wang

    Mrs. Wang has served in different bio pharma, clinical and healthcare big data companies, with concentrations in regulation affairs, medical strategies and clinical operations. She participated in more than a hundred clinical research and healthcare strategy consulting programs. e.g., the earliest biosimilar drug, antibody’s clinical trial phase I-III in China, and a couple programs had more than a thousand trial subjects. She had managed more than thirty global or domestic (China) clinical trial programs (Phase I-IV), the clinical indications cover the areas of cancer, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, anti-Infective and pediatric diseases etc.

    Mrs. Wang has a M.S. degree in Medicine from Tsinghua University School of Medicine.

  • Ruidong Hao

    Director of R&D

    Ruidong Hao

    Dr. Hao serves as Director of R&D center of Immunofoco and is responsible for drug discovery and non-clinical researches. Dr. Hao has an extensive experience in immune cell therapy drug research and development, he held a range of challenging roles in different biotech companies, where he led multiple launches of new CAR-T drugs to treat hema-malignancies and solid tumors, from pre-clinical to the clinical phases. Dr. Hao has more than ten research articles published in magazines e.g. Hepatology, JVI etc. He has more than ten patents in China and internationally.

    Dr. Hao received his Doctor’s degree in Microbiology from Wuhan University.

  • Huijuan Wang

    Sr Director of Administration

    Huijuan Wang

    Mrs. Wang serves as the co-founder of Immunofoco and Sr Director of Administration. With more than 18 years of leadership in human resource and administrative management, she serves as the executive assistant of Chairman of the board and is in charge of financing, and legal affairs. she has served in a complex of organizations including biotech, healthcare big data, and educational firms domestically and aboard, she’s proficient in human resource management system set up and operations, talent acquisition and expansion, team structuring and organization.

    Mrs. Wang possesses a M.S. degree in Social Psychology from Fudan University.

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